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Hi. My name is Masha and i'm a compulsive overeater too.Been like that for a loooong time-6 years or more,but since it started when i was a young teenager(the period when you MUST look good) i've managed to control the damage somehow - yes i am till overweight,at 5'2" i am 128 lbs and it looks horrible.i haven't gone to the beach in like 4 years,i am ashamed to undress infront of anybody (family members included). i hate to hide like that all the time ,i hate my cellulite and the stretch marks ...
so the last couple of mothns i've started to do sometthing that helps me not to binge and it works
... well i go out and buy the stuff i crave i go home and i "eat" it - i just chew it (taste it) and spit it out in a basket/cup/bag whatever and none of the junk i've crved goes i my system
after i'm finished i get rid of it
it really helps to kill the cravings and stick to your diet
it is still an ed-behavior and it's said to be addictive (i do it rarely)
it's not the best of advice,but if you are desperate-try it just once but don't let people see you
it helped me a LOT so that's why i'm telling you this
if anybody if offended i'll delete this psot :0
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