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holiday eating and cravings [21 Mar 2008|09:02am]

this is a post to sort of be proud of myself.

Yesterday, the spring equinox, is a holiday/feast day in my religion. A friend of mine came over and we made a large meal or really several large meals. I probably eat more calories than I'd like to admit but I'm proud of myself because I didn't binge. I had two glasses of eggnog, a piece of green year-wheel pizza, and a scotch egg, for feast meal.

For breakfast I ate one plain crescent role and 3 crescent rolls drizzled with my homemade dandelion syrup and a cup of hot tee with a teaspoon and a half of sugar.

For dinner I ate only a left over slice of pizza.

It could have been a whole LOT worse. The pizza was SOOOOO good I could have eaten the whole thing!

Also I've been cutting down on my soda drinking because I used to drink more than a six pack a day. I don't have them in the house anymore. Mostly I drink filtered water, some Gatorade every now and again, and hot tea. I haven't completely cut them from my life I still have one when I'm out or maybe on when I'm at work, but it's down to a 20oz every couple of days, but gods the cravings get soooooooooooooooo bad! it takes everything I have to not drive out and buy one when they hit. Does anyone have experience with this?
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[09 Jan 2008|02:50am]
Why doesn't anyone post here anymore? I'm bingeing my life away
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[13 Sep 2007|08:28pm]


Join us if you need support and information, or even just to talk

or you can visit our website:

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New Here [26 Jan 2007|10:27pm]

i'm seventeen and over-weight.
i tend to over-eat when stressed or a many of other things.

i can go without eating a whole day. eat one meal and then i eat everything ><

it's so frustrating.

sometimes i throw it up..

sometimes i'm afraid to..

i just need to lose weight.

it needs to go.

i am so unhappy with myself..and i will stop at nothing.. to be beautfil...

i hate this girl..
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[08 Nov 2006|09:13pm]

Ok so im new here...obviously
im 17 and being battling with weight for as long as i can remember
i was a fat kid
i am a fat kid
and probably will always be a fat kid
anyway i am an overeater, and i also binge
many a times ive tried to stave myself but failed miserably with a binge
so yeh
thats about it for now
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[14 Nov 2006|08:47pm]
hey, i can really relate to you on everything... i'm bulimic as well... though deep down i dont think i am i mean its good that we throw everything up we eat, how else are we going to lose weight!! im so fat though.. man i need to lose more weight. do u ever throw up so muc ur tummy feels like its going to explode. my eyes feel like there going to pop out. thats a good thing to me i no im losing more weight!!! haha!!! the only thing hat anoys me though is that i still feel and am so fat!!!!
hope ur good talk 2 me if u need me!!!
love ya xxx
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[31 Jul 2006|02:35pm]

since i woke up i have not eaten anything and i have exercised which is really good for me since i hate to work out and i figure that if i give up and decided to b/p atleast i have already burned some calories but hopefully i will be able to make it for the rest of the day.

anyway, do you ever get depressed going shopping for clothes?? i hate it when i find something really nice and it does not fit correctly so yesterday i cheered myself up and i went shoe shopping. i bought 11 pairs of shoes. yes, i know that is a lot but i was on a high. but i find that shoe shopping is so much more better than clothes shopping because even if i gain 10 pounds my feet still look the same and i do not get upset. so i guess my point is that if you are ever feeling down because of the way you look , which i know is probably often, go buy a pair of shoes ( or 11 lol ). and if you do not like shoes as much as i do, try buying accessories or anything that will still look good on you no matter how much you weigh. it will make you feel good.

au revoir
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Fasting [14 Aug 2006|03:35pm]

Hi I am curious if anyone in here knows how to keep from getting horrible headaches from not eating when you fast. I tried it yesterday but had a migraine by 7 or so hours.
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hei [27 Jul 2006|11:50am]

hei everyone. i am new to this community. i am bulimic and i have been this way for about 2 years. this seems like a supportive place where i can be talking about my problems.
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pizza [26 Jul 2006|02:19am]

today, i took appetite suppressants, washed down with a few pints of water.
so, no hungry at all, i cook a pizza, and quite sensibly eat two small slices... then an hour later chuff the lot down in one go.

fucking idiot. i wasn't even the slightest bit hungry - i just can't say no, or have discipline, or control.
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[16 Jul 2006|11:41pm]



i'm new here... although i'm currently diagnosed as EDnos, i'm an ace at binging!!

i'm currently at my highest weight at 183 pounds.

i'm hoping to lose about 20 pounds by the end of august... feesible??
i have this livejournal specifically as a record of what i eat/my behaviours, to try and notice patterns, and exactly what my triggers are etc... feel free to add me!! i could do with some friends under this alias!! :-p

hope to speak to you soon.x.


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[02 Jul 2006|06:53pm]
Sorry, but the previous link about Britney was wrong. Here is correct one...

hrm... [23 Jun 2006|02:35am]

Is it still considered purging if you eat so much you make yourself sick?
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New member [01 Jun 2006|09:21am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Hi. My name is Masha and i'm a compulsive overeater too.Been like that for a loooong time-6 years or more,but since it started when i was a young teenager(the period when you MUST look good) i've managed to control the damage somehow - yes i am till overweight,at 5'2" i am 128 lbs and it looks horrible.i haven't gone to the beach in like 4 years,i am ashamed to undress infront of anybody (family members included). i hate to hide like that all the time ,i hate my cellulite and the stretch marks ...
so the last couple of mothns i've started to do sometthing that helps me not to binge and it works
... well i go out and buy the stuff i crave i go home and i "eat" it - i just chew it (taste it) and spit it out in a basket/cup/bag whatever and none of the junk i've crved goes i my system
after i'm finished i get rid of it
it really helps to kill the cravings and stick to your diet
it is still an ed-behavior and it's said to be addictive (i do it rarely)
it's not the best of advice,but if you are desperate-try it just once but don't let people see you
it helped me a LOT so that's why i'm telling you this
if anybody if offended i'll delete this psot :0

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[29 May 2006|08:17pm]

hey i  have some pics up of me at my current (gross) weight of 154lbs in my LJ, i would appreciate it if you could comment/tell me what you think and please please be as brutal as needs be.

hope everyone is ok
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GREATEST SITE! [29 May 2006|02:17am]

[ mood | creative ]

for the ppl who are gonna fast, or you just wanna try something else...it tells you how many calories there are in a drink, soup, ect..!


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